Dog Walking

On offer since 2008, our professional Dog Walking Service is on offer around the Market Harborough areas of Leicestershire & Corby areas of Northamptonshire. When you choose us to walk your dog(s) you can rely on us to give them a great time while on their walk and provide all of the right care and attention too.

Covering areas in Leicestershire & Northamponshire - 

  • Market Harborough, Ashley, Stoke Albany, Dingley, Sutton Basset, Cottingham, Middleton.
  • Corby, Wheldon, Great Oakley, Little Oakley, Rockingham, Desborough..
  • Wellingborough, Bozeat, Earls Barton, Great Doddington.

Visit the Areas Covered page for our full service areas and info.

Why choose our Dog Walking service?

We can either walk your dog(s) straight from your front door to the nearest park or suitable dog walking area. Or we can take them to the nearest countryside in one of our vans'. It's really up to you to decide, but we can give you some great recommendations on where we can walk them.

We prefer to walk each customers' dogs from each household seperately on a one-to-one basis to maximise the quality of service and care provided, but can offer group dog walks for customers whom prefer their dogs' mixing with other customers dogs. Read on below...!

Peace of Mind

We are dedicated to providing the right level of care while walking your dogs, making sure we walk at their own pace if lead walking elderly or ill dogs.

We always choose suitable areas to walk your dogs. i.e. Designated dog walking parks, fields, woodlands etc.

We only let your dogs off of their leads if you specify it is okay to do so and it is safe to do so.

Our vans are modern, safe and equipped with professionally made transit boxes which are supplied by Trans-K9 (model - K9/VB2). Our vans are also ventilated and air-conditioned to ensure no animals suffer heat exhaustion during transit when external temperatures elevate.

Inclusive Text or Email Updates! -

As part of our services or on request, a text message or email update can be sent either daily after the provision of our service has been completed, or as and when required by the client. Text message or email updates give you that extra peace of mind about leaving your pets, home and property when you are out or away.Professional Dog Walker | Dog Walkers | Dog Walking Service in Northamptonshire - (offering a one-to-one Dog Walking service)


£9.99 per 30 minutes

£14.99 per 60 minutes

An additional charge or £2.99 per additional dog will apply per walk. We will walk up to 3 Dogs at a time from the same household. We offer group or individual walks.

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