Introduction to our business...

Thank you for your interest in Animals 24/7. If you would like to know more about us, then please read on below.

Animals 24/7 was set up in Northamptonshire in 2008. Our services are on offer around most of Leicestershire & Northamptonshire.

Being long established and run by professionals means that we can offer more of a specialist, experienced and professional level of service to our clients' when it comes to petcare.

The very fact that we are long established, run by professionals and part veterinary nurse founded makes Animals 24/7 as a business and service provider, one of the most trusted, experienced and professional independent Pet Service Providers in and around Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire and further afield.

Animals 24/7 is not just a pet service provider! As we also offer professional property services alongise our petcare services! As of 2017, we now offer a Home Sitting service. Our Home Sitting service gives you the option to have your Home (including any Pets should you be a pet owner) cared for whilst you are away.

The main areas that we have particular expertise and specialise in are Pet Visits (an alternative service to catteries & kennels, or even daycare centres), which when choosing our Pet Visit service, includes many aspects of inclusive property care. We can also offer more contractual and tailored Pet Visits (other services too) to clients' if they are away for longer periods of time and require their pets' and property caring for and managing to their exact specifications until their return. We equally specialise in Pet Transportation services (on offer to members of the public, and also to veterinary clinics (including other businesses), and even charities, but do offer pet owners many other professional pet services too.As a professional pet service provider we constantly strive to be the best at what we do, and importantly, continuously strive to offer the best level of pet care in our field.

Animals 24/7 'Round the Clock Pet Care & Transport'. As our name and tagline suggests, this means that we can offer our Pet Care and Pet Transport services 24/7 (subject to availability and making a booking during normal office hours).

Our Pet Care services offer our clients' an affordable alternative to sending their pets' into boarding facilities like catteries and kennels, or even daycare centres, with the added bonus of having their home cared for too whilst they are out or away!

Our Pet Transport services can help members of the public with transporting their pets' to the vets for routine appointments or in an emergency, and also veterinary clinics whose clients' may have animals in need of transporting to another veterinary clinic or referral centre and so on.

We are dedicated at providing our clients' with the most professional and caring pet care services on offer, and can ensure our clients' that their pets' and home will be safe in our care.

Our clients' should also expect a top-notch service with a personal touch from professionals that go the extra mile to ensure that all of our clients' receive a service of the highest of standards in our field of business!

Mission Statement...

"Our mission is to be a Pet Service Provider that continuously provides an exceptional level of service, offers expertise and professionalism, whilst continuing to offer a personal touch to our clients'. Importantly, provide all animals that are in our care with the correct level of care and most caring."

Current Owners -

Animals 24/7 is currently owned and operated by Luke Simpson (founder / owner since 2008)

So with the above all in mind, and if you still need more reasons to choose us! Then why not read more about why you should choose us by clicking on the link below!

"Thank you very much for reading and your interest in Animals 24/7. Please get in touch with us should you not find what you are looking for"

Luke Simpson

(Founder / Owner since 2008)