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Covering the Market Harborough areas of Leicestershire and Corby, Rockingham and Desborough areas of Northamptonshire. We also currently cover Wellingborough and surrounding areas.

Why choose our Pet Visit Service for your Dog or Puppy?

On offer since 2008 and one of our main areas that we have particular expertise and specialise in is our Pet Visit service. Our Pet Visit service for dogs offers dog owners the option to have their dogs' cared for in the comfort and familiarity of their own home environment whilst they at work or away on a short break or holiday, rather than sending them into a kennel, daycare centre or to a home boarding facility.

Work long hours?

If you work long hours and worry about leaving your dog or puppy for too long whilst at work, and would prefer them to stay at home rather than going to a daycare centre or other daytime boarding facility. Then why not use our Pet Visit service for dogs and puppies? During each Pet Visit we can let your dog or puppy out in the garden to go to the toilet and have some fresh air, play, feed and much more on request!

Going away on a short break or holiday?

If you are going away on a short break or holiday, whether its a business trip or personal one, then why not also use our Pet Visit service rather than sending your dog or puppy into kennels? (T&C's apply if using this service for dogs if you are going away).

Pet Visits give our clients' peace of mind, as they love the fact that their dogs are being cared for whilst they are at work or away on a short break.

Our Pet Visit service includes many aspects of inclusive property care (as listed below). We can also offer more contractual and tailored Pet Visits (other services too) to clients' if they are away for longer periods of time and require their pets' and property caring for and managing to their exact specifications until their return. We have many clients' who go away either on business or pleasure for up to a month or more at a time, and require a more complete and tailored level of service when caring for their pets' and property.

Pet Visits may especially benefit -

Dogs that may not cope well with travelling to/from a kennel, daycare centre or to home boarding facility (or are reluctant to be handled or get stressed when being transported to a kennel, daycare centre or to a home boarding facility).

Dogs that are nervous of other dogs or don't mix particualry well with other dogs (which cannot be avoided sometimes when dogs go in to kennels, daycare centres' or home boarding facilities).

Dogs that are elderly and just don't suit kennels, daycare centres or to a home boarding facilities due to their age and dependency on their usual routine in their home environment.

Dogs that don't like a change in routine from a home environment to a kennel environment (which can cause some dogs stress).

Dogs that have medical conditions and/or need medication and/or injections administering and would be suited to staying in their home environment opposed to a kennel, daycare centre or to a home boarding facility.

During a Pet Visit we can -

Let your dog or puppy out in the garden for a toilet break and fresh air at luchtimes (or when you require) + poop scooping the lawn as standard.

Feed - provide fresh water - give treats + clean food bowls between use (including feeding areas) as standard.

Provide care & attention, i.e., spend time with any cats (including playing) + brushing (for any dogs or puppies that enjoy being brushed).

Administer medication (if any tablets need administering)

& much more included or on request!

Helpful & inclusive extras -

Our Pet Visit service includes many aspects of inclusive helpful extras and property care -

Putting refuse and recycling out for collection - bringing empty bins/boxes back in

Bringing in post

Topping up bird feeders

Watering your garden & lawn, including hanging baskets and any indoor plants too.

Grass cutting / Lawn mowing service (use of clients lawn mower only)

Emptying dishwashers or washing machines & much more!


Added inclusive Security -

Our Pet Visit service includes many aspects of inclusive security measures -

Leave lights on each pm/off am

Draw curtains or close blinds each pm/open am

Leave radios or televisions on at different times to give the impression someone is still home!

During each Pet Visit we always provide an inclusive security check around your home as standard to make sure your home is secure by checking all rooms, doors and windows, including outside your property, gates, full property boundary and any vehicles.

Inclusive Text or Email Updates! -

As part of our services or on request, a text message or email update can be sent either daily after the provision of our service has been completed, or as and when required by the client. Text message or email updates give you that extra peace of mind about leaving your pets, home and property when you are out or away.

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